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Twitter bets on e-commerce: Social Commerce is the new frontier of online sales

Social Commerce is the new frontier of online sales: a 4.0 evolution of e-commerce, capable of making the purchasing experience even more intuitive and simple.

Over the last few years, social media have become so widespread that they have become one of the most important means of communication between brands and customers; Twitter is now part of this new virtual marketplace.

The Californian social media, founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, will focus on ecommerce and will start testing in the United States a project designed to allow brands to use the social as an online shopping platform. Dorsey, has learned his lesson: small and medium enterprises but also big brands have largely switched to ecommerce after the first lockdown.

Facebook and Google have largely accelerated in this area, making themselves heard, and now Twitter wants to catch up. It will soon install a “buy” button in its ads, according to information published by the Financial Times.

How will it work?

The social network will allow a small number of companies to have a space on their business profile where users can see a carousel of images of a brand’s products. 

Here, by simply tapping on the product you are interested in, you will be directed to the company’s website located within the Twitter app, where the user will find more detailed information about the item and where they can also purchase it.

At the moment, the feature is only available for those with professional Twitter accounts and only for users using the iOS operating system. Testing is limited to a dozen companies, including GameStop, travel operator ArdenCove and other brands in the lifestyle, traditional retail, media, entertainment, technology and telecommunications industries.

The professional profiles, testing of which began in April, offer businesses, nonprofits, publishers and creators the ability to view specific information about their business directly from their profile, including items such as address, phone number and hours of operation.

What’s expected?

Social is expected to reach 315 million active users by Q4 2023 with a compound growth rate of 20 percent annually from the end of 2019.

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