WMS per una Logistica Facile: come funziona?

The contemporary challenge is to deliver the right product, in the right place, at the right time, while keeping costs low. It is not easy to maintain this standard, yet that is exactly what it is claimed to firms, no matter how small they are. This probably happens because customers are now used to accurate and timely delivery. We are talking about people who are accustomed to being connected all the time and in every place, increasingly informed and increasingly demanding.


Warehouse Management System (WMS)

With that in mind, the Warehouse Management System (WMS) becomes critical: a software system that is responsible for synchronizing and managing the flows of goods that pass through the warehouse. More specifically, a WMS intervenes in the:

  • Identification, receipt and control of transiting goods.
  • Inventory map management (for example, using inventory rotation to determine in which locations a certain item should be placed).
  • Picking management (selection and partial picking of items).
  • Organization of shipments to customers.

Warehouse Management System (WMS): advantages

The main advantages that you can achieve with a WMS are:

  • Reducing costs in stock levels: by decreasing materials’ waste and the time to identify
  • Productivity Optimization: WMS eliminates all paperwork, speeding up the rest of the tasks.
  • Material handling reduction: it is possible to minimize transfers and filmings of materials while avoiding delays.
  • Better spaces’ use: thanks to the software, you can manage shipping orders in a more organized way.
  • Improved customer service: thanks to the strict control of the materials in the warehouse, it is possible to keep track of the products which favors the shipping process.
  • Advanced Monitoring: the WMS system allows you to monitor performance and to keep them under constant control, favoring a continuous improvement in processes.

It is, therefore, not a coincidence that the service we offer depends on the presence of a WMS inside our customers’ warehouses. It is something that we are personally concerned about; so concerned, that we have developed a software that can interact with any WMS.

But, what if one of our customers does not have a WMS? We provide him personalized and cost-effective solutions. Well aware that the reason why a small or medium-sized business often postpones the implementation of a WMS depends on the high upfront costs.

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