The online food during the lockdown

The Covid-19 has brought many restaurant businesses to its knees, forcing restaurant owners, taverns, bars and clubs to close for many months without knowing what the future would hold for them. The less resourceful of them preferred to remain closed so as not to risk having unsustainable costs, others instead have started or enhanced the home delivery service.
Not only restaurants but also the retail trade in food has seen a surge in delivery services.

Food delivery during the lockdown: restaurants

As everyone knows, last March 11 with the DPCM Giuseppe Conte has imposed the closure of all restaurants activities except for those who were able to guarantee home delivery. 
In Italy there are not yet many activities that are able to implement this service, however, according to the surveys of the Study Center of the Italian Federation of public exercises (FIPE) lockdown has shown encouraging signs. 40% of restaurateurs with the option for the food delivery in fact, records a good increase of the question of food to take away. Consumers have shown that they do not want to dazzle the pleasure of tasting a tasty dish directly from the kitchen of their favorite restaurant, even starry ones. Yes, even the starred restaurants have organized to deliver their delicacies to their customers: ready-made condiments and dishes only to compose. 

The future of restaurants

Without any doubts, the epidemic has caused many to roll up their sleeves. The restaurant has proved that home delivery is a valid option that can be used in the future, parallel to the table service to meet customer requests. Thanks to companies such as Deliveroo, Justeat, Glovo or Uber Eats, restaurateurs can make deliveries in most Italian cities, ensuring a service even to the laziest who do not want to physically go to the restaurant. 
From the point of view of consumers it has been seen that even those who had never used this option took advantage of it during the lockdown. This coul be a sign of “conversion” even of those who were less convinced and an additional reason to take advantage from this type of opportunity.

Food delivery during the lockdown: supermarkets

If on the one hand there are restaurants with their dishes to be tasted, on the other there are supermarkets that from the time the lockdown was declared were rushed. Many, for fear of being infected and to avoid the rows of kilometers to do the shopping have opted for home delivery. Others have used this service having more time to cook and juggle between the stove.

Supermarkets like Esselunga (leader in online shopping) that for 18 years offers home shopping with a choice of over 15,000 products in each category, have received thousands of orders. Thanks to this system, in fact, with a few clicks you have the opportunity to save the most precious good: the time.
Food delivery is therefore a good opportunity and over time, thanks to the implementation of the service, it will be increasingly used from the moment when people will tend more and more to want to take advantage of time for themselves.

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