Packaging: its importance in attracting consumers

Packaging is the main tool that companies use to make their product stand out in the eyes of consumers by distinguishing it from those of competitors. It is the first point of contact that potential customers have with the product and for this it must be attractive. The goal of brands is to remain in the memory of individuals in such a way as to be remembered when a certain need or desire arises. 

The functions of packaging

Packaging performs different functions for the brand and it is therefore necessary to implement and improve it to meet customers’ needs. But what exactly are these functions?

– Protection
– Practicality
– Information
– Identification


One of the main features of packaging is to protect the product from any external agents that may damage it, for example during transport. It is therefore very useful to choose a type of packaging that is useful and above all resistant


Obviously the packaging of a product must be practical. It must allow customers to use the content in a simple and intuitive way. Practicality in fact is essential to ensure new future purchases and eventually to be recommended to other potential customers. In addition, it is essential in transport as it allows to reduce delivery times and minimize the risk of damage.


Packaging is necessary to provide information about the product and its characteristics. Potential customers in this way may become aware of the origin of the product, the technical characteristics and the ingredients (as in the case of food). 


As previously mentioned, packaging has the important function of enhancing the product in the eyes of consumers. Probably from a marketing point of view this is the key function for a brand. Knowing how to distinguish is fundamental given the large amount of products that are in circulation.

Elements to choose for a successful packaging

Once you understand what are the functions of the packaging you need to understand which elements are essential to achieve success among potential customers. The text, the colour, the label, the images to be inserted and the type of material which best suited to the product in question must be chosen. Nothing should be underestimated and every little detail makes a difference and contributes to product identification and consumer choice. A successful packaging must have creative, attractive, recognizable graphics and above all must represent the brand in all its facets. The customer who buys a specific product must also know the principles and image of the brand thanks to the packaging.

The packaging must be designed and obviously must be part of the marketing strategy of the company. Through the packaging, brands are able to deliver the right product to their customers. To do this you need to identify the target you want to attract and understand what is most important to show on the packaging. 

For example, in the food sector, consumers are very careful to the quality of products, to their origin, they want to know whether they are organic or not. All these features should also be enhanced on the packaging of the product. In this way, if your offer is on a shelf in a supermarket, the packaging will do its job and attract the attention of customers.

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