E-commerce: the importance of Customer Care

Thanks to e-commerce companies can be always closer to their customers. However not all of them have developed an efficient and effective customer care service that can solve doubts or problems to customers and that can accompany them towards the final purchase. This is a very important aspect to take into account as today’s consumers require increasing attention from society to themselves.

Customer care: why is that important?

The customer care in e-commerce is fundamental since the online customer is not in physical contact with the company, therefore he/she needs further clarification about the products or services offered. Thanks to an adequate support consumers will be more inclined to purchase and, subsequently, to advise the offer to other potential customers. 
The quality of the service and its continuity are necessary characteristics. In fact, thanks to them customers may understand that they can contact someone and resolve any doubts at any time and for any request.
In this way you can increase the number of new customers and retain those who have already purchased.

Which tools to use?

The most common tools used to manage online customer care are:
– Live chat
– E-mail
– Telephone assistance
– Social network

Chat live

Inserting a live chat inside a page can be well seen by visitors as this guarantees immediate assistance in the purchase process at any time.


The FAQ (frequently asked questions) are useful as they allow consumers to get information at any time without the need to contact the assistance directly. 


The use of an e-mail service is certainly the most popular method used by companies. You can use predefined answers regarding some requests or direct problems to certain employees.

Telephone assistance

Telephone assistance is the most traditional tool that companies can use. It certainly allows you to better understand customer requests. It is often used for payment issues and issues that need immediate response. It is useful in this sense to insert inside the site the times in which the service is active, so as to guarantee to the customer an answer if he intends to contact the assistance by telephone.

Social Network

In recent years social networks are having an increasing importance. Through these companies can get closer to their customers and create a link with them. Information about the website and the products offered may be communicated on the social networks.

What to watch for?

All the instruments listed above must guarantee a quality and reactivity service. Be careful not to underestimate them as they could lead the consumer to have a negative experience and consequently not to advise the e-commerce to other potential customers. To do this it is essential to assign certain people to the management of the various tools and to have an integrated communication between the various assistance channels. So even if a consumer decides to use multiple channels he will not be confused by different information but satisfied with the service.

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