The use of discount codes in Italy

Italians, over time, have learned to understand what are or are not reliable sites and that the network is full of resources and opportunities, one of them being the so-called discount codes.

Precisely for this reason Italians have got into the habit of making only in the most popular e-commerce to prevent any kind of violation and avoid the scams that for a long time have held back the purchase by many consumers.

Discount codes

Discount codes represent a strategy that many successful e-commerce companies use precisely because it is a win-to-win strategy, i.e. they offer a benefit to both parties: on the one hand the consumer saves when buying a product or service and on the other hand the seller attracts many more users to his site and consequently increases the volume of sales.

In fact, some studies have shown that the use of discount codes increases sales by 6 times compared to an e-commerce without them.

In recent times there are also online aggregators where it is easier to find the various coupons with discount codes that are convenient but that are also updated according to the latest opportunities. These discount codes are convenient both with regard to the most popular sites but also with regard to those less known because there are no risks from the point of view of security as there are thorough checks also by these coupon sites.

Trends in Italy

The last year saw an increase in online purchases of 15% with a figure of more than €31 billion. The best-selling product category is electronics and IT with 19% of total online sales and in second place are garments with 16%.

It is also important to understand which are the sectors with the highest growth: the sector with the highest growth margin is food delivery, which has grown more than 40% in the last year, followed by the home living and publishing sectors.

Finally, as far as turnover is concerned, the tourism sector certainly leads the way with the sale of travel tickets or the booking of hotel rooms.

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