Amazon Prime's new service for businesses

In recent days, Amazon has launched its new service for companies in Italy; it is Amazon Prime Business. Italy joins, therefore, Spain, France, Germany, India, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States where the service is already active.

Amazon Prime for companies: what it offers

This new type of subscription provides additional services to registered users with a Business account. Among the main advantages that can be enjoyed by those who choose to join Business Prime plans compared to a regular account are:

  • Unlimited one-day deliveries and same-day deliveries included for orders over €29;
  • Guided Buying, to allow purchasing offices to select preferred suppliers and recommended products for users of their company;
  • Promotions dedicated to companies on Prime Day.


Amazon Prime Business gives you the ability to choose from four different rates depending on the characteristics and needs of your business, which vary depending on the number of business users associated with a business account:

  • Basic: 36€ per year excluding VAT, up to 3 users;
  • Small: 100€ per year excluding VAT, up to 10 users;
  • Medium: 250€ per year excluding VAT up to 100 users;
  • Unlimited: 2000€ per year excluding VAT, unlimited users.

The goal of Amazon Prime Business is to offer its customers the opportunity to get the most out of their choice and shopping experience. This addition of new features makes life easier for companies of different industries and sizes. According to Gerardo Di Filippo, Head of Amazon Business IT, their goal is to support companies in promoting greater transparency in purchasing processes while reducing costs.

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