6 Features of a great Landing Page

The landing page is the destination page of an online advertising campaign, namely the page on which the user arrives after clicking on a link in a search result or in an online advertisement.

The classic landing page consists of:

  • Above the fold: where you can find the title, subtitle and possible buttonhole
  • Below the fold: where to start the page with the description of what are the advantages, why trust us, who is the company, reviews and contact form.

The goal of a landing page is to convert, namely to sell the product or service in question, so it should not include a menu but all the information must be present on a single page. This makes the landing page more effective.

Landing Page: features

  • Product photos

You need to invest in a representative photo of the product; sometimes it is useful to use representative videos as well. In addition, the photos should not be those of the product catalogues.

  • Description of the product sheet

The descriptions must give information about the product, they must specify all the details. In addition, the information must be clear; precisely because the reader is a consumer already prepared to purchase. For this reason it is important to write a complete and detailed description.

  • Discount

The discount must be clear, so if a person arrives on the landing page by clicking on an ad with a substantial discount, you will not have to compensate the discount with a large shipping charge. This is because the consumer perceives this way of acting as dishonest and will no longer return to your e-commerce.

  • Clear shipping costs and times

Shipping costs and times must be clearly stated, in fact these characteristics are essential for the consumer to buy the product or not.

  • One step purchase method

Many consumers give up buying because checkout methods are impossible or require two or three steps. Consumers do not want to waste time on this, so it is important to make sure that they can buy with just one click.

  • Scarcity strategy (optional)

The supply shortage strategy can increase consumers’ desire to buy. The most commonly used methods for this strategy are to put an alert indicating the number of other consumers’ purchases increasing or a timer indicating the expiry of the offer.

Obviously, these features are not enough to have a profitable e-commerce page, but they must be combined with an excellent advertising campaign. Finally, it is essential to always have a clear target audience.

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