E-commerce: Focus sugli Effetti Positivi del COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The new Coronavirus has controversial effects on e-commerce. On one side people are scared of being contaminated from deliveries, which actually is almost impossible. And on another side people do not want to go out anymore and are more prone to buy online instead of going out to shop in places full of peopleC

Entertainment Products

It also largely depends on the type of products sold. In fact, in China where hundreds of millions of people are closed home, they have to find ways to pass time. Thus, the anything that can be entertaining is increasingly being sold:

  • Video games. The sales of the game Ring Fit Adventure have quadrupled between the 5th and the 20th of February.
  • Gymnastics tools. The sales of gymnastics mats and rowers show the desire to continue to exercise despite the confinement, the sales grew of 250% compared to the same period last year.
  • Books also are constantly increasingly bought.
  • Surprisingly also lipsticks and condoms are unusually increasingly selling!

Essential Products

What’s more the grocery shopping is also seeing an online boom as people are stuck in their home, especially in China for now. Sales of fresh food on JD.com, which is partly-owned by Tencent, jumped 215% to almost 15,000 tonnes during the 10-day period to the 2nd of February. According to French retailer Carrefour, vegetable deliveries increased by 600% year over year during the Lunar New Year period.

Finally, people have been rushing to buy products that can prevent them from catching the virus. Online sales of immune-boosting products, masks and disinfectant have boomed. Disinfectant produced by the Reckitt Benckiser-owned Dettol rose 643% compared to last year at the same period between February 10 and February 13 on the Chinese e-commerce business Suning.com, for example. The masks producers are the happier, not only they are selling all their stock, but they are also selling it at a price three times bigger than usual.

But the rapid grow in online orders has also created strong pressure on businesses to fulfil them, and they struggle on the supply side of the operations. Moreover, businesses are struggling with the transport routes as a result of areas across China being quarantined, while staff employed at warehouses have been unable to work. In some instances, this pressure is getting too much for businesses and threatens to end their e-commerce operations.


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