SEO strategies for E-Commerce: How to Increase Sales

Every company wants their e-commerce to reach as many customers as possible and for their products to appear within the search results. Currently, more than 20,000 e-commerce companies are registered with the Business Register and are set to increase. For customers this is an inviting fact, but for companies it can be a scary statistic: it means more competition.

Seo for e-commerce: why is it essential?

To cope with the great competition in the endless universe of the web, ecommerce management requires the planning of web marketing strategies to invest in. Entrepreneurs are increasingly aware of the importance of search engines, which are the oracles referred to by people looking for products to buy.
Currently, according to Casaleggio Associati (2019) 19% of the marketing budget is spent in SEM (Search Engine Marketing), 18% in Social Media Marketing activities and 17% for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


When a person searches on Google for a product they are interested in, the first results to appear on are the most important ones. Being at the top, therefore, is crucial not only to increase the sales of a product, but also to build a brand awareness. If your company doesn’t appear in the top positions of a Google search, it doesn’t meet the user’s eye, so the user won’t know of its existence.

The purpose of a search engine is to show the most suitable results to the question posed by the user. And an authoritative ecommerce site ranks among the first results provided by search engines.

How is this possible for a company? How do you earn top spot in search results?
The key is a good SEO strategy. You have to provide search engines with a precise and detailed description of the product or service of your ecommerce, and there are several ways to do this. Being online and selling products is not enough to increase turnover, and this is a reality that more and more companies are understanding and adapting to, equipping themselves accordingly. There is a need to put in place specific strategies that meet the needs of the company and allow sales to increase.

SEO Strategies for E-Commerce: How to Drive Sales with Keywords

The basis of SEO strategies are keywords.  The purpose of each company’s website is to highlight its products and respond to customer requests, so it is essential that its structure is effective. 

Here are some basic little strategies to start making your website attractive and prepare it for sales:

  1. Link the homepage to the main products categories pages.
  2. Clearly and strategically organize the sections that contain the products, to allow customers an easy browsing experience.
  3. Work meticulously on product cards, take care of descriptions and strategic use of keywords.

Communication and image: the guide to success

Communication is one of the highlights of the success of an e-commerce, as it allows the user to access the product and get closer to the company. Communicating well is the secret of all types of sales, especially those online, in some ways penalized by the lack of face-to-face feedback between customer and seller. Online communication makes use of several elements that make the difference: among them, a good description of the products and their visual impact.

The product description must give you a clear idea of what you are looking at and will likely purchase. You should be ready to provide the first answers to some of the questions that may arise when looking at an object online.
The visual impact of the object, then, should not be neglected: a good e-commerce should rely on the use of images of products that are professional and eloquent and that can provide customers with a clear picture of the goods with which they are interacting.


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