E-commerce: how to improve the customer experience in 5 advices

In a physical shop the customer experience is naturally at the centre of the attention, as being the main touchpoint between the brand and the consumer. The same rule apply for the virtual shops but it is still too often forgotten.

An excellent customer experience highly increases the conversion rate of visitors into consumers and most importantly increases the loyalty. It makes you benefit from more clients and turn them in free advocates of your brand. So how to make them have positive emotions and feelings during their customer journey?

Create a fluid path-to-purchase

Your e-shop should be accessible from all devices and adapted to all of them. One should be able to have access to your e-shop at any time in the most quick and fluid way possible. The content should be clear and concise, the more sections on your e-shop and/or the more clicks are needed to purchase your product or service, and the more you risk to lose your visitor during the path-to-purchase.

Let them know who you are

Your e-shop should provide one consistent image of your brand, so the consumers can have a clear idea of what you are good at compared to competitors. Moreover you should add a maximum of reassurance elements of your credibility such as labels, clients’ testimonies, newspaper articles about your brand, an easy way to contact you, etc.

Adapt to their needs

Provide a large choice of payment methods and a large choice of shipping possibilities. If you have both a physical and a virtual store, adopt an “omnichannel” strategy: the customer should be able to choose whether to receive the product at home or in shop, whatever if he bought it at home or in a shop in the first place.

Don’t stop your efforts after the purchase

The purchase is not the final step, it is only the middle one. The real moment of truth is when the consumer receive his product, you have to offer him a maximum of positive cues at this moment thanks to the quality of the product but also through an exceptional unboxing experience. And keep alimenting the relation afterwards, which leads us to the last advice.

5. Develop a personalized relationship with your client.

Your client should feel special and unique. You should invest in optimal technology to automatically and in an adapted way contact and respond to your clients through emails and Chatbot, etc. And even contact the best clients personally if it is possible. Make them feel special by rewarding their purchase with unexpected discounts just for them or access to private sales for instance. It’s the little attentions that will make you go beyond their expectations and make them (and their network!) come back to you in the future.